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About Jacky

Jacky Miller Landscape DesignYour Landscape Design Specialist

Why not expand your living space, and add value and beauty to your property at the same time? Let me create the landscape of your dreams to fit your life-style and budget.

Working out of her home in Burlington, Ontario, Jacky specializes in residential landscaping and is known for her simple and classic designs in harmony with the character of each home.

A graduate of Humber College in Landscape Design, she graduated with top honours.

Jacky has also been in the golf course industry for a number of years. Currently as the Head Gardener for the esteemed golf course, Glen Abbey Golf Club.  At Glen Abbey she has redesigned and rebuilt most of the 45,000 sq ft areas of gardens.

Jacky’s passions include nature, environment, plants and animals; all that makes up the outdoors.  She looks forward in extending your indoor living spaces to the outdoors!

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What is the cost of my service?

  • My minimum fee is $250 – this would be for a small front yard or back yard.

  • The fee is increased based on the size of the yard and how many design elements are to be included in the design.

  • Please complete a ‘Request for Quote’ to obtain a more accurate price.

  • Upon signing of the quote/contract, a deposit of 50% of the quoted price is required.  The remaining 50% is due upon receipt of the final Master Plan and Landscape Design Portfolio.

  • Important to note! ... Are you one to buy those pretty plants from the garden center only to find they died the next season!  I have extensive experience in what plants are hardy and still pretty and whether they will survive the conditions of your yard.  With this in mind, please take into account during your budgeting process that hiring a professional Landscape Designer will also reduce the total cost of what you would have spent year over year on those ‘experimental’ plants. These savings most likely will pay for the cost of my service!

  • Also note! ... Within the industry it is said, that if you spend 10% of the value of your home in landscaping, you will get this value back upon the resale of your home!


Professional landscaping will increase the value of your home...

If your house is valued at $500k and you spend 10% or $50k on your landscaping, and then put it up for sale, the resale value will be $550k ..... or possibly more!
Wow! You just got back the money you spent for the landscaping, and most likely sold your house a whole lot faster!